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BURN BAN  |   May 1 to September 30

Meet The Team

Department Organization

The Department is governed by an elected Fire Board. The Board appoints a Fire Chief, who appoints officers and hires firefighters.

Fire Board

The Fire Chief and Administrative Assistant supervise full- and part-time staff and carry out division duties.

Shifts A, B, & C

The Department is organized into three shifts and is staffed 24/7.

WJFD operates three different special response team that are specifically trained in certain emergency situations to ensure public safety and assist other departments as needed.

Special Operations Division

Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Shift and Special Teams

Department Supervisors

Fire Chief/EMT

Chief Ben Stephens


Lieutenant/AEMT, Fire Marshal

Lieutenant Shannon Martin

Fire Marshal

Captain/PMDC (EMS Officer)

Captain Joshua LeBlanc



Captain Jordan Edge

A Shift


Captain Steven Casey

B Shift


Captain Michael Glover

C Shift


Lieutenant Steven Turner

A Shift


Lieutenant Damon Lockridge

B Shift


Lieutenant Matthew McCall

C Shift, Special Operations

Image by Louis-Philippe Poitras

WJFD is always accepting applications but currently we are NOT hiring. We offer competitive pay, great benefits, training, and advancement opportunities. Join a growing department and a great community.

We are Growing!

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