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BURN BAN  |   May 1 to September 30
Car 32 at West Jackson Elementary School

Fire Prevention Bureau

Fire & Life Safety Inspections in West Jackson

Established in 2014, the West Jackson Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau works with property owners to ensure the safety of the public and first responders. The bureau is charged with enforcing “Rules and Regulations for the State Minimum Fire Safety Standards” as adopted by the State Fire Commissioner. 

The West Jackson Fire Department is the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) in these matters for all of the West Jackson Fire District.

All fire and life safety code enforcement activities are conducted through examination of building plans and on-site fire inspections to determine code violations and offer remedies to those violations. The codes are adopted mostly at the state level, although there are some local ordinances that are stricter than adopted state codes.


Fire inspectors are trained and certified through national certification processes to use codes and ordinances to ensure that public buildings are safe when occupied, and, that should an emergency occur, occupants can safely escape without injury or death.

Fire Inspections

The Fire Marshal checks the electrical box

Fire Marshal and Fire Prevention Specialist(s)

Fire Prevention Bureau Staff

Lieutenant/AEMT, Fire Marshal

Lieutenant Shannon Martin

Fire Marshal

Fire Prevention Specialist

AJ Mixer

Fire Prevention Specialist

Fire Prevention Specialist

Alexandra Kaye

Fire Prevention Specialist

Faulty detectors that do not get fixed, faulty systems, careless human activity, and similar matters may cause a false alarm. They are a very serious problem that result in considerable expense to the public and jeopardize the safety of the public and fire department personnel. False calls also tie up valuable resources and, in some cases, cause a sense of complacency that could eventually cost lives.

False Alarms & Fees

Fire Station 1 flying the American flag

A Fire-Safe District

Our mission is to provide a fire-safe community for residents and visitors. We maintain a proactive fire prevention program by inspecting all public buildings for potential risk during an emergency event.

We believe that effective fire prevention begins with education, therefore we place a high priority on educating our community on the importance and purpose of fire safety. We believe it is a team effort that benefits us all when we are successful in reaching our goal of making West Jackson a fire-safe district.

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