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BURN BAN  |   May 1 to September 30

Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division fields three specialty teams that provide enhanced community preparedness for our district and partner agencies. Members of these teams receive additional training and hold certifications that allow them to be better prepared for large events and critical incidents such as

  • Parades, festivals, and other planned large community events

  • Active shooter/hostile event response

  • Mass casualty incidents

  • Missing persons

  • Large area search/review (such as storm damage assessments)

Specialty Response Teams

Drone (UAV) Team

The Drone Team provides our community with an eye in the sky view of everything from fires to storm damage to monitoring of large community events. Information can be shared real time with the United Command Post and individual responders. Our drone pilots have completed Remote Pilot Ground School and operate under a Certificate of Authorization (COA). Drone operators are deployed to assist with missing persons, law enforcement investigations, large event gatherings, and more.

TEMS - Tactical Emergency Medical Support

West Jackson Fire Department TEMS includes two divisions: Rescue Task Force and Special Reaction Team Tactical Medic. These divisions provide direct support to our local law enforcement community in environments where traditional medicine is restricted. The divisions are trained in multiple disciplines to provide top-tier medicine in an austere environment. Through advanced training, our agency has the ability to work in preparedness drills with school systems, churches, law enforcement agencies, and other partner agencies to promote community preparedness.


Special Operations Division

Special Operations


Captain Dusty Hall

A Shift, Special Operations


Jon Gaines

C Shift, Special Operations


Lieutenant Matthew McCall

Department Organization

The Department is governed by an elected Fire Board. The Board appoints a Fire Chief, who appoints officers and hires firefighters.

Fire Board

The Fire Chief and Administrative Assistant supervise full- and part-time staff and carry out division duties.

Shifts A, B, & C

The Department is organized into three shifts and is staffed 24/7.

WJFD operates three different special response team that are specifically trained in certain emergency situations to ensure public safety and assist other departments as needed.

Special Operations Division
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