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BURN BAN  |   May 1 to September 30

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Hydrants Ready to Go!

Updated: Feb 27

Firefighter Malachi Walker inspects a hydrant.
Firefighter Malachi Walker inspects a hydrant.

Crews conduct annual inspections of hydrants in the West Jackson Fire District including Braselton, Hoschton and West Jackson County to assure the hydrants that we depend on in an emergency are operational. Examples of what we inspect include function, damage or missing caps, water flow, system pressure and access to the hydrant.


Did you know that each hydrant has a specific color bonnet that indicates the water-flow capacity of that hydrant? The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that hydrants be uniformly color-coded to indicate water-flow capabilities, so that firefighters can assess their capabilities at a glance. Based on the color, firefighters can determine the appropriate pump operations for that hydrant, and whether a different hydrant would provide better water flow. This table shows the gallons per minute (GPM) for each bonnet color in our community.


Clear home lines after hydrant tests

If your inspection includes flushing, residents in the testing area may see a temporary drop in pressure and/or water discoloration. Clear home lines by running cold tap water until the water runs clear.


We are reliable.

Hydrant testing is just one example of how West Jackson Fire prepares for emergencies in our community. Find more information about Department training, education and preparedness.

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