I am 72 years old, a retired aviation engineer, with a lovely wife Jessie and 5 lovely daughters. Being born in Coventry England an industrial city at the end of World War II, I was indentured as an aviation engineer with Dunlop Aviation completing this and being a fully-fledged ‘Aviation Engineer’. During this period of 16 thro. 21 to occupy my time with sporting activity I took up competitive cycling and found I could beat most of my rivals successfully and ended up being a national champion representing my country  ‘Great Britain ‘ in World Championships , commonwealth games ,Olympics , and various Grand Prix’s all over the world. I still maintained my amateur status working for Dunlop Aviation, and progressed to being a team manager for Great Britain. Sometime after completing my apprenticeship I took up, a position as a field support engineer. Being promoted thereafter to a supervisor.

In 1984 I was requested take up an assignment in the USA as a B757 service manager. To oversee the certification of the companies wheels & carbon brakes on the B757. In 1990 I was offered position with Bendix wheels and brakes in Seattle WA. Covering the certification of the B777, B767, B737 (next gen.) B2. As well as covering various airline and military bases as a wheel/brake specialist. During this period I took out American citizenship (1990) and currently hold valid US passport.

I retired in 2004 after spending my entire working life in aviation. Currently I am president of Southampton falls –HOA, this position follows my being president of Litchfield Country Club –POA in S.C.