New Construction Plan Review and Inspections


The Fire Prevention Bureau of the West Jackson Fire Department reviews all new and renovation construction projects for Fire and Life Safety code compliance. It is unlawful to construct, erect, alter, or removal or changes of any fire protection system(s) in a commercial building without construction documents approved by the Bureau.

Plan Submittal Requirements

Construction documents shall be drawn to scale upon suitable material. Documents shall be submitted in one or more paper sets, and 1 digital PDF. Construction documents shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of the work proposed and show that it will conform to NFPA Codes and Standards which includes the Life Safety Code, the rules and regulations of the International Fire Code with State of Georgia Amendments, and any Fire District Ordinances. All plans must include a Life Safety page.

Plans reviews are started once payment of review fees are received. (See “Schedule of Fees”)  Presently the only form of payment accepted is check, money order, or online credit card. No cash. Once review is complete, the submitter will be contacted to arrange pick up of the approved and stamped drawings.

Inspection Process

A fire department inspector conducts an on-site inspection at least twice: at the 80 percent and 100 percent.

80 percent: Inspection of fire rated assemblies (where applicable), plenum spaces, firestopping, etc., before the ceiling is installed. If sprinkler, inspection of piping, hangers and head spacing and valves before the ceiling is installed. A complete set of approved plans (including fire sprinkler and alarm plans) and specifications shall be maintained on the construction site at all times.

100 percent: When all work is complete. Unless done prior, any fire alarm and fire suppression systems will be tested at this time. Spare key(s) will be provided for the KNOX box if applicable. If a project fails inspection, a 2nd inspection will schedule. If a 2nd inspection fails all succeeding inspections will incur a fee that must be paid before the next inspection. (See “Schedule of Fees”)

A spec building or buildout will receive a letter of completion once a project passes the final inspection. The business occupying the building will have a separate “tenant inspection” and will be issued a certificate of occupancy.